Bouncing back from COVID-19

We are living through one of the most uniquely challenging times in human history. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many aspects of life have shifted quickly to address the crisis at hand. Employees and employers around the world are striving to meet the immediate goal of maintaining safe working conditions; with many having to prepare for the reality of the impact will have on the future of their business and their livelihoods. During this time of tremendous uncertainty, make sure to prioritize things properly. Do everything possible to meet the challenges currently posed to you personally, to your career, and to your finances; and equally important, remember to do your best to protect others in this time of need.

The number one priority during this chaotic period should be your own personal health. This isn’t limited to efforts to prevent the spread of the virus; but a comprehensive plan to promote your well-being. Make sure that you’re finding ways to destress when you’re not being productive. Maintain a balanced schedule to make sure that you stay on track with as much work as you possibly can so that it doesn’t pile up when your work schedule returns to normal. Set attainable goals for yourself so that you feel a sense of accomplishment while rewarding yourself with much needed personal time.

A key to thriving through this adversity is to see these difficult circumstances as a challenge to overcome. Find ways to go above and beyond the typical aspects of your role to mix up your routine. Don’t hesitate to ask your supervisor if there’s anything else you can do to show them your level of commitment to keeping things moving forward despite many obstacles. People recognize extra effort during a time of crisis and will remember it after it passes which could lead to an expanded role. With a lot of work currently in a state of transition, be especially active in your communication to maintain connections within your organization; even establishing new lines of communication with individuals you may not normally have that much interaction with. A simple reach out to a colleague asking how they are and if they need any help goes a long way in a time of so much need.

As unfortunate as this crisis is with its wide-ranging implications, it is important for us to learn from the experience and to handle the aftermath of it responsibly. Having to potentially operate at a deficit during this period of stagnation will likely incur some debt to many organizations. Be proactive in your approach to rectifying those financial obstacles while still keeping your employees as protected as possible in a time where they are most in need of some form of stability. Understand that even when this pandemic is over, another time of panic may come around again and that the best way to handle it is to be prepared as possible beforehand as opposed to trying to clean up after the fact. Consider making small alterations to your budget to accommodate an emergency fund and look into ways to make processes more accessible while working from home.

During this tumultuous time, it’s easy to be brought down by the difficult circumstances and uncertainty. However, it’s important to stay on track with the things that are under our control and to meet this challenge with discipline and resilience. Do everything possible to stay disciplined, stay responsible, and stay safe.

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