All Inclusive Pre-employment Background Checks That Are Fully Customizable for Your Specific Industry.


D2 Screening creates a customized plan that meets the individual needs of every business we work with. We establish connections with the necessary national databases and verification systems to identify and verify relevant applicant information needed. This equips you with the detailed data you need to make the most informed decision when choosing who to hire as your next employee.


National search across any county and federal records, including felony, misdemeanors, and sex offenders.


We verify driving records, class type, status, and violations from all 50 states with the Department of Transportation.


Run a personal credit, fraud, or bankruptcy check to minimize liabilities and protect your business.


Verify applicant's previous employment dates, job titles, and authenticate degrees acquired.


Customize a questionnaire to former employers to get the best understanding of a candidates quality in a professional setting.


Nationwide health and drug testing facilities to screen applicants. Includes all urine tests and physical wellness exams, as well as onsite collections from clinics across the U.S.

Our United States-based staff understands that your company has unique needs. When you work with D2 Screening you’ll have 24/7 access to our portal to guide you through various screening processes and address any additional needs that may arise.

About Us

We are founded on the belief that valuable employees are the essential backbone of a successful company. We are here to help you build the trusted, qualified team that you need to create a solid foundation upon which your company can succeed!

Our Core Values


Our systems are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because of our online based platform we are able to store records digitally and safely on our encrypted databases.


It is our responsibility to spend our resources and time wisely for each and every client.  We work directly with our clients to find the best solutions to streamline their workflow, reporting, and results.


We do not operate on a call center model. Your company will have direct access to a team dedicated specifically to answer questions, provide assistance, and help with anything necessary. 


  • "D2 is great to work with and their screening service is automated with a human element should you need it. I’ve used them for years on DMV checking, criminal screening and my drug testing needs and we are very happy so far."
  • "We switched to D2 Screening and have been thrilled with the services they provide. D2 conducts a high volume of background checks and drug screenings for our company. I am extremely impressed with their comprehensive reports, quick turnaround time, intuitive portal, customer service, and the personal attention I received from my dedicated account manager. I highly recommend D2 Screening to those looking for five-star service, high quality of standards, and competitive rates."
  • "It is my pleasure to recommend D2 as a background check provider. Our company holds ourselves, along with our vendors, to a very high standard when it comes to client service, D2 has met all aspects of our expectations. The team members at D2 always approach our partnership with a solution focused mindset, if a challenge arises they provide answers with no excuses. The part of the partnership that stands out to my team the most is their since of urgency and follow up. So many of our vendor partners need for us to push them for a response, this has not been our experience with D2, they have always given us updates on anything that is outstanding before we even have a chance to ask. (Continued on next slide)
  • (Continued from previous slide) "We have been able to rely on D2 as the expert in their business, they have gone out of their way to support and guide us with our process and with best practices. Our business has seen significant growth sense we implemented D2, they have been able to accommodate and support us during this growth with no glitches in their level of client service or technical support. During our implementation of D2 we challenged them on many aspects of the integration with our ATS, they continued to work with their integration team to make sure our needs were met. They also take on our requests to make improvements as we evolve as a company and identify new needs. We are very satisfied with D2 as a partner!"


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